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Melonaire Apartments get $1.5 Million Rehab

 The Melonaire Apartments
on Washington sat empty with only a shell remaining standing for quite a few years. Passing it reminded locals and visitors alike of the economic down slide Arkansas Valley has endured since the 70's. The rehab is complete! The apartments are ready for move in. The Melonaire Apartments boast three bedroom units instead of all one bedroom units. Too bad they can't rehab the swimming pool that was buried sometime over the last 30 years. 

Rocky Ford Welcomes Green Tech Manufacturing Plant

Innovative Water Technologies, a company dedicated to providing clean drinking water systems globally, opened its Sunspring Manufacturing Plant in Rocky Ford in the summer of 2008.  It is anticipated to be Rocky Ford's top employer by winter of 2009; it could employ 30-40 people by Christmas.  The company offers local solutions for water treatment and purification in both small and large processing and treatment systems. Globally, their portable solar-powered water filtration system, the
Sunspring™, provides a solution for processing water so that even the most remote locations have access to clean, purified drinking water. IWT is a welcome addition to Rocky Ford for two reasons.  First, it's an employer, and Rocky Ford is in dire need of economic development.  Second, it is timely.  Green technologies, one way or another, are going to be in our future.  IWT is to be commended for its mission.  It manages to serve a world in need while also improving life in an American heartland town like Rocky Ford.  Rocky Ford is to be commended for opening its arms to progress and innovation.

According to the Colorado Biz Innovative Water Technologies has been named one of 50 Colorado companies to watch. 


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Water Water Everywhere

Rocky Ford
has $5 million in grants plus stimulus money of almost $1 million that it is using to upgrade the city's water system.  Done in six phases, the upgrade includes the completed new 750,000-gallon water tank and a new water pump station.  In addition, the city's water treatment plant will be modernized, a multi-million dollar project itself.  This will include an upgrade to the filtration system as well as an installation of an ultraviolet disinfectant system.  As old as Rocky Ford is, its waterline system is aged and will be modernized.  Already completed are wastewater disinfectant systems and a revitalization of a wastewater lift station at the local fairgrounds as well as a new chlorination/dechlorination facility.  Finally, Crystal Lake, a longtime local favorite place for recreation and fishing, will reopen.  You go, Rocky Ford!

Rocky Ford Goes Solar

Within a year Rocky Ford School District and the City of Rocky Ford have gone to solar power. The city allowed an outside power company to develop and construct solar facilities in several locations throughout town including the high school and elementary school.

Nearby Ordway Also Going Green

The two water wells which provide Ordway with its drinking water are going to be overhauled into solar power.  This green energy source will not only lighten the load on the grid, but it will also save Ordway money.  While this is occurring, the town is also looking at its entire Main Street as historic and will apply for historic designation.  Rocky Ford and La Junta would be wise to do the same for their downtown areas.

Rocky Ford is home to the Business and Arts Incubator and Entrepreneurship Center (BAIE), a grant funded organization designed to assist both local artists and folks looking to start up a business. One of the older buildings on north Main has been rehabbed and is open for business. In addition to assistance from the organization in getting started with a new business, the BAIE also displays area artists' work and hosts gallery walks. In the rear of the building, naturally lit space is being developed for use by area artists. The Director encourages locals and passers by to stop in and check out the art. You will not be disappointed.

                      Good for Arkansas Valley!!

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